Lee Edwards: Fibre of Being

真人玩钱麻将游戏04.02.16 – 12.03.16

Lee Edwards 'Fibre of Being' installation view, photo by Andy Keate

(image: Lee Edwards 'Fibre of Being' installation view, photo by Andy Keate)

真人玩钱麻将游戏Domo Baal is delighted to present Lee Edwards' second solo exhibition in the gallery 'Fibre of Being' consisting of three drawings and two paintings. Observed from life with Edwards' usual scientific curiosity, these works are drawn or painted as specimens, or even as pieces of evidence from an incident. The action has already taken place and now there is an attempt to grasp the weight of personal experience contained within these remnants.

真人玩钱麻将游戏Plucked out of familiar context, estranged from recognisable background, absent from the user, they exist on their own terms. The relationship to their owners is suggested only through one–word titles.

Deep psychological investment is evident within the works: dressing, sex, bodily fluids, upset – each as ubiquitous and quotidian as each other. At the same time, through the act of obsessive and diligent scrutiny, these five works represent a direct response to intimate aspects of the personal.

Lee Edwards (*1981, UK) graduated in painting at the RCA. Previous solo shows have included Gimpel Fils (2008) and domobaal (2011). He lives and works in London.